Tambour Door

Tambour Door system has a long tradition in furniture making; they are design to impress with its sophisticated look and handsome transferred foil metallic finishes on high quality ABS materials.

The flexible space saving shutter enters the world of modern globalization, expanding its vast applications towards kitchens, offices, retail stores, trade show exhibits, push carts and living space to meet its niche.

We classify our tambour doors into conventional system, vertex system and modular easy roll system to fulfill level of expectations from different clients.

Unique Features

  • Custom made to all cabinet dimensions
  • Door does not occupy swing out space
  • Optimize use of storage area
  • User friendly with easy maintenance
  • Biodegradable & non-toxic materials

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Aluminium Framed Cabinet Door

Aluminium is widely recognized to have gifted a property that was made suitable for vast array of applications, ranging from construction to high technology industries. It's easy to customize, lightweight, non-magnetic , corrosion resistance and non-toxic fundamentals stimulates the growth and demand of everyday living.

The sleek design was created using a combination of innovative, hard-wearing materials including aluminium and glass, unlocking the richness of electrophoreted aluminium, the framed cabinet door combines contemporary style with practicality for kitchen, wardrobe, drawer, bathroom, and office applications. Endless options enable acrylic and wood panels to combine with glass in the framework for a further attractive appearance.

Aluminium Profiles
Our in house designed profile outshines common surfaces with it superior electrophoretic finished. This process enables nodes to immerse in the emulsion to cover a layer of anodizing film on the surface of aluminium.

The advantages are

  • Increase the life span of aluminium by three times.
  • Stronger attrition, weather and alkali resistance.
  • Strong coating adhesion for surface effects.
  • Smooth and polished surface finish.

The coating effect products Pearl Silver, Satino and Black finish.

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Pole System

The journey of flexible living begins with our in house fabricated OPSH flexible storage system, aluminium pole with unique fixtures reaching individual design and function. It is widely installed in wardrobe, work station, display shelf and entertainment system.


  • Maximize storage space
  • Environmental friendly with no drilling
  • Flexible bracket adjustments
  • Quick assembly
  • Easy dismantle and relocation

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Insys Series
Trouser Rach with Slides Insys multi-purpose aluminium framed trouser rack enhanced pull out feature, shaft tubes interchangeable, add & remove freely. Thus extended for convenient reach and maximizing storage space.

Customized to all cabinet dimensions.

Luminoso LED with PIR Sensor
Italian design light hanger bar comprise of integrated technology of infra red sensor and LED light bulbs. Room lights are not required while searching closet items in the darks.


  • Power and cost efficient
  • Longer blub lifespan
  • Warm white light
  • Emit less heat
  • Application in build-in wardrobe
  • Applicable in pole system wardrobe


  • Input voltage : DC12-24V
  • Detection range of 1-2m
  • Detection angle of 1100
  • 30second interval

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